Friday, January 29, 2010

Your forebearance requested....Do we live in A Pulsing Vibrating Universe that wants nothing but what we want?

Do we live in a Pulsing, Vibrating, Harmonic Universe that wants only what we want for us?

Can it be?

What if it is so?

Why not...let's go forward imagining that it is so, from this moment forward as I write and as you read. Suspend your pervasive doubts for this time, yes?

And, now, with your generous indulgence, I'm going to say that, as a member of the Who Dat Nation...we've managed to get to the biggest ballgame in the National Football League. With a completely new team and new coach and new starters four years ago, we've been provided with a compelling team and compelling sense of comradery, both on the field and off.

(the above video was borrowed off of a wonderful WHO DAT NATION Blog! Thanks Jennifer!)
The fans have always, especially since Hurricane Katrina, that something incredible and joyfully exciting was just ahead of us...and's here!

Alright, thank you so much for putting up with my excited SAINTS fan blathering here...but it's a Wonderful example of how the Universe wants what we want and when we align perfectly our wanting with that Universal wanting, this is what we get!

The SAINTS are going to the Super Bowl! hahahahahahaa

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