Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Take Breaks! Do YOU?

Walk away. 
Get up from your desk. Go outside. Take a picture. Think about something you appreciate... Thank someone who has contributed to your happiness or success or your inner peace or your sense of belonging. Shimmy in your desk between phone calls if you can't get away from your desk. 

For your own mental health, ya gotta. And more than once a day! Take a picture! Doodle. Dance! 

Here's my pic in this moment - 
I just got up and walked outside :) -- for you! (And for me!)

Smile more - for NO REASON. When you're stressing - THINK for a second how pointless it is and SMILE to release it. 

Your children - your significant other - your employees - your peers - WILL THANK YOU! 

And BEST OF ALL - YOU - will thank YOU for being so DURN smart!!! 

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