Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gratitude Thursday....

At this particular moment, I'm grateful for Jason Mraz and Pandora!

His music somehow carries me..simple, reaching out, personal. I love what he has to say...and I now get to listen to this Amazing song by Israel "Iz" Kamakawiwo'ole. Fantastic. I am sure you've heard it and loved it. The ukulele he plays begs your attention and urges that smile to come out of hiding. Sweet and as compelling as listening to the original Satchmo version. Idyllic childhood imagery comes so easily when we're hearing the playful sound of the ukulele. You know?

What else...what else am I grateful for in this moment...this present moment...hmmm....

What is there that my mind goes? My parents? Yes, for having shown me recently and always...all the way along to here, that when I'm just me, I"m the best I can be....I don't have to be anything other than just me. It's all those crazy times when I thought I had to be better than just me. But I got foggy. I forgot that there is nothing as in No Thing better than just being Me.

Ain't it great? you know? When someone reminds us just to BE. When was the last time someone told you you were great just the way you were? Too long ago? Well, you know what? WE've always got ourselves to remind us. Sometimes we're the best judge too.


Life is just too short not to spend some time being grateful for your own goodness. Ya silly goon. Would you just quit feeling less than what you are? You are not fooling anyone when you attempt to be less than your magnificent self. And when you do that, you certainly aren't doing anyone a favor! Most of all you! you aren't doing yourselves any favor when you pretend to be less than the greatness that you are.

Stop shaking your head and making that silly face. I'm speaking the truth.

Think about it for a second, would ya? Push pause and listen.

You've gotten're not reading this by accident. AND you certainly aren't continuing to read for exercise! Keep Reading! YOU are a hero. You believe in yourself despite all odds sometimes, don't you! C'mon! Admit it! You know that sometimes when you are wrong, you still know that rightness and the honorable act you are going to commit to making are all only a couple of breaths and maybe a rank decision or two away. maybe closer.

You've done it before and you'll do it again!

Did you just wonder to yourself, "Do what?" Oh NO YOU DI'INT! I KNOW you didn't just do that.

You'll do THE RIGHT THING, AGAIN! That's what you do. It's what you do...when you catch catch yourself doing the right thing.

AT first you weren't sure that's what you were doing. And that's okay. YOu slipped it in slyly the first couple of times. Surprised it felt so good, huh? but then the next time it just uh..happened! Right? hehehe

You go on believing that, maistro. if it makes it easier. I'm happy to help you elude your deepest basic truth...but not for much longer. YOu may want to do it but I'm no party to keeping that light that you are under any old biblical bushel. Not me.

You're far too bright for that, fair sweet lovely.

I'm grateful for you here...reading this and reassuring me simply by your presence and your knowing. You may the rest of us better people. Smile. You certainly make us want to be better people.

And, well, there you go...all kinds of reasons why I'm grateful for YOU!
Thanks again, You!

Love and Laughter,

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Lance said...

I LOVE the message here!! Wow, so uplifting! What a great way to end my day and head into my evening...with an extra bounce in my step!!

And what a great song!!!!!