Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Love, Laughter and LIFE!

Well, Hello GORGEOUS!!! Are you SMILING? have you LAUGHED at all today? NO? Why? Because you're a PROFESSIONAL? is that it? Is that why you would deprive your body of the HEALTH BENEFITS of a good hearty laugh? REALLY? Well, I don't care WHAT you do for a living! THERE is ALWAYS time for a good Laugh! Maybe you don't laugh in the middle of a conference call. Maybe you don't laugh when a workmate is telling you what a terrible day he or she is having. BUT you DO find a time and a place to really LAUGH! or you die. if you don't laugh, a little every day AT LEAST, you begin to die. From Day One of LaughLessNess. IS that SOOO shocking? Do you know what the FOUNDATION for your immune system is? Do you? It's your LYMPH System. Your lymph system is pumped into and through ALL of your cells and cleans them up, divests them of all attached bacteria. Your lymph must be pumped through your body in order to do its job. AND Did you know that the lymph, unlike your circulatory system or your respiritory system has NO PUMP. it relies 100% upon your DEEP BREATHING in order to circulate and purify your cells. Without deep breathing, ie: Laughter or Cardio Exercise, disease can run RAMPANT in your poor old body. Without some form of DEEP BREATHING every day, you will find yourself susceptible to colds and flu as well as all kinds of other bodily miscreants. So, what does that tell you? That tells you to either EXERCISE or LAUGH for 15 minutes at least EVERY DAY! Whichever is easier, depending on the day! I'll tell you one more thing: go there! Learn more Love and Laughter, Heidi losing battery! byeeee!!!

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