Friday, September 7, 2012

All this Happiness and Joy...Living life to the fullest, expressing your joy, making sure the life you lead is the life you WANT...and now, Cigars?
Everyone may be wondering, "What is Heidi up to?" ...but... HERE is what she is up to! She is LIVING the life she has long professed others do... I mean, think about it...ALL of the aspects of us do not make tremendous sense when you lie them together...some of us profess to be vegans but harbor a desire to, once in awhile, still enjoy a juicy steak. Right? Some of us LOVE to stand under a hot, Hot shower and often do, even though we believe that it's wasteful. Some of us do things that seem to be in direct oppposition to other parts of ourselves. Am I right? Oh, c'mon! You can admit least silently, right? THAT is what I'm doing. I'm living the life I've dreamed of...I get to bring people together once a month (or more frequently sometimes!) and help them to find a cigar that really ..PLEASES their palate.
new and old...THERE is the true value of cigars...friends...and the TIME to enjoy them. Cigars slow us down. They take awhile to smoke. WE sit down...with friends. We sit for hours at a time, with these friends. WE talk about all things. Politics, women, men, friends, work, the economy (these days)AND one of our favorite topics, cigars! It's easy to talk about cigars. We all love them. WE like comparing how a cigar tastes to you and to everyone else who has smoked one. It's like farmers gathering at the feed store to discuss the crops. We gather in our Cigar Club meetings to talk about the cigars we've smoked or not smoked. The ones we have "dreamed" the ones we haven't been able to get our hands on, yet. Key word: YET.
Cigars cause us to slow way down. To my mind, that's quality Number One. Slowing down, especially in this world of ours, is a VERY VERY VERY (three times!) GOOD PLAN! I hope you'll consider something like it...go enjoy a cigar where no one around you minds NOT talking politics! Even if it's not cigars that is your 'thing'..that thing which is seemingly in a strange juxtaposition to whatever it is you are mostly known for doing. I, however, have long-enjoyed an occasional cigar. I picked it up from my Dad. I LOVE sitting down with people and having to smoke an entire cigar and enjoy a convivial gathering. I also enjoy organizing those gatherings, demonstrating my flair for cross connecting people from a variety of backgrounds. Lovely, also, is bringing people together whose politics generally become secondary to the cigar they smoke.
Life is so much more than our beliefs. And cigars often give us the time and space to discover this important avenue of discovery. We are NOT our politics. We ARE much more our interactions, our relationships and our sense of community appreciation. Try carrying all that as a serious commitment and becoming passionately involved in a heated political discussion. It just doesn't go as far when the first commitment everyone in the room has is to the success of the room and the community, itself. Love and laughter, good friends and good cigars, Heidi

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