Tuesday, July 12, 2011

When Do YOU Experience TRUE Enthusiasm for Life?

Abraham says, 

"Do you get it...that you are more than these physical bodies that you know as you? do you get it that this personality that you know as you is a part of a larger personality,  of a larger beingness? 

Do you know, that even while you are focused here  in this magnificent body, with this unique personality, that there is a unique personality that is the source of that which you are? 

Do you know that even when you..this personality that is you...is here in this physical body, that the larger part of you remains non-physically focused...as a part of the Source energy stream? 

In the same way that the electricity doesn't come through and BECOME the toaster, the Source Energy part of you doesn't come forth and become the Physical YOU. 

There must be a Source of that which you are...and that source, we call it Inner Being, sometimes you call it Abraham...sometimes you call it God...or source, it does not matter what part of that source energy you are focused upon...it IS source energy and it DOES exist...in Non-physical experience even while you are here having this physical experience...

So You're Source Energy and part of you comes forward into this physical body, and here, you explore the Variety and as you mix it up with others, as you live and learn, ....as you observe, as you have conversations, as you have experiences, you, personally, come to your awarenesses of what you don't want, and therefore, of what you DO want. 

You came with GREAT intention about who you really are! But now, all day every day, you are contributing to that and OH!...you have created..(most of you don't know it, but you have)....you have created what we lovingly and accurately refer to as a Vibrational Escrow of Magic and Wonder, Abundance and Well-Being!  You've carved it out of what you've lived...you've carved it out of the day to day details of life. ...and you've said, just as you intended..."I've come forth and I have exposed myself to the details of life and I've come to these conclusions...and the Source within you says to you, "And you have done so well in your concluding...and here we are all gathered around...

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