Friday, December 31, 2010

Spend Time Thinking About What We Want, Not about What We Don't.



                     WHAT IF: ….what if saying YES to something you WANT helps to bring them to and makes realizing it easier…keeping it in mind and smiling…FEELING the FEELING that you will have when you HAVE it…when you ARE the person that has this thing you want! Feeling that feeling is awfully PLEASURABLE, isn’t it!

           WELL, What about those things you DON’T Want….Do you think about those things too? Do you MAYBE put more power into making sure you DON’T get certain things than you do into making sure you do have those things that you want?

        Whatever you THINK about, you bring about, right? So, if you spend NO time thinking about the things you Don’t Want…and ALL of your time thinking about the things you DO want, you’re more likely to GET what you want…and what you don’t want…it will not come to you.

"I'm ONLY Thinking about what I Want!"

                      IF the Law of Attractionis as powerful as they say…if it’s as powerful and real as the Law Of Gravity turned out to be, you’d pay attention, right? If the Law of Attraction could be proved as easily as dropping an apple, you’d believe it, right? Well…try it out. Think really hard about how you DON’T want something….OR Think really hard about how you WANT something else….GUARANTEED…the one you think more about…THAT is the one you’ll GET…whether you want it or not….BECAUSE you spent more time thinking about it, you’ll get it. So….Ya think it might possibly help you if you spent more time thinking about the things you WANT?

BESIDES…it just plain FEELS BETTER, anyway, doesn’t it! To think about what you WANT…THAT feels GOOOD!

Drop an apple and prove the Law of Gravity...

...spend your time thinking about that thing you want, the way you want it, the touch of it, the feel of it, the way you feel when you’ll have it…and prove the Law of Attraction? No, not really, but you could, maybe, right? Well, who knows. But you also don’t disprove it…AND you EITHER have the thing you Want….or else you have the thing you Don’t Want. Your choice, right?

Why not opt to think about what you WANT! 

Why not think about the things that FEEL GOOD! 

why not think about the Life you want to lead....

See your world the way you imagine it...and begin seeing it that way now...

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