Friday, December 10, 2010

You Can Help! An URGENT Call For Your Help!

 Smooth Sailing Sought: 
HELP, Please!
         As you may or may not know by this time, I have a fun, joyful, relaxing radio show that, for me, is a wonderful, magical gift to me as I give it to you, the listener! The show has grown tremendously from the launching this past summer! 

It's greatly gratifying to receive emails and phone calls saying that the show makes a difference in people's lives!

AND now, I'm writing because I need your help now, with keeping the show on the air. 

If you are interested in advertising on the radio, podcast, live webstream and on, or know someone who may be, I would love to have either of you contact me with your interest. I would madly and deeply appreciate any referrals you can send my way. 

The show, the audience and the audio recordings I provide my clients are of superior quality. Each client is supplied with their own mp3 of each radio ad spot recorded.

I have been working in radio since the 80s and I write, produce and provide the voice for all of the commercials. If you'd like to hear my voice currently appearing in other locations, try here on Meet For The Game website,  And this is my professional demo recording 

You can also click above on any of the podcasts and hear samples of my voice live on the air as well as on all of my clients' recorded commercials.

The show makes a difference with people and it is growing. The audience has expanded greatly over the six months the show has thus far been on the air. There are two types of audience, the kind we can document and the kind that is, as yet, impossible to fully document. What we know locally is that about 57% of the audience is male, the largest percentage of them work in professional positions in management, upper level executive, or entrepreneurial. They largely earn upwards of $70K and are married, with children living at home. In other words, they are a stable, home-owning, intelligent audience and mostly between the ages of 35 and 65. 

The remainder of the audience, those who listen online, as well as those who listen to the recorded show on iTunes or players, are virtually impossible to track. 

Come, help the sailing to be exciting, smooth, eventful and fulfilling for all of us: Listener, advertiser, host and broadcaster.

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