Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Present Moment Awareness....Why? Why does it matter?

Princesses pulling funny faces!

      Living in the moment...what has it got for us, hidden in the folds of its minutes and hours? It's got a hidden treat, like your funny old neighbor who always, never fail, had a special sweet treat hidden in his pockets for you when you were six.

It made you smile. It made you feel special...and the world always looked sweeter for it! 
You loved seeing him walk up the front sidewalk. In that moment, watching him, you experienced joyful, childlike glee. 
Remember now? hehe 

Life, as a child is one gleeful moment after the next, followed by interspersed crying and temper tantrums because we don't get something we thought we should get. Now, as adults we do the same thing...only it is much more involved and can be a bigger pain in the Buttinsky, can't it. All those emotions...all that ego, right? 
Our Egos have so much to say about what we like and appreciate...if we let it go nuts. If we keep our egos in check, we tend to enjoy a much happier life. When we're not checking in with how something looks or what others think of us, we are more relaxed and ENJOY THE MOMENT. 

and there are so many of these moments to enjoy...when we take the time to notice them. You know? Think about the times when you put that stuff aside..the extra stuff..how things look to others, how you look to others...put that aside and let go and just BE in the moment...think back to the last time you did that...I am picturing the last time I did it...and it's wonderful, right? 
Joy! Playfulness! Love! Fun...these things are what gather around us and inside us when we let go of worrying...let go of ego...let go of thinking forward or thinking back and just be. 

........BE IN THE MOMENT.......

Embrace Life! 

Take on your own life. 

Stop Sign Breathers...are little reminders to use...
little post-it notes for your heart, lungs and joy. for your wellness and your sense of well-being.
Stop. Breathe. Look. Smile. 

As you pull into a stop sign, take a lovely inhale...feeling it feed your body! 
Wahhh..fresh oxygen inhaled CONSCIOUSLY! How cool is that! 
now...look both ways....and 


Exhale with a SIGH! 




NOTICE SOMETHING...every stop sign make a conscious effort to...
notice something you've never noticed before, if you see that corner and that stop sign frequently. If you're not on your usual path, look around for something obscure that you might have missed on any other day. 

and pull through the intersection, safely and fully present! 

The more you do this, the more likely, at the end of your year, you'll be able to look back and you won't ask, "Where has all the time gone!"...but instead you'll have a clear recollection of so much of your life...and the people who pass by you every day...and the World that's changing around you! 


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