Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How to Feel Better and Better Every Day

"How to feel better every day? How is that possible?" is that what you are thinking? If it is you...and you are angry or hurt, confused or afraid, lost or resentful of those around you who seem to have everything you want to have...if any of these come close to describing you, yes, there is a way to begin to feel better every day...


and it's WITHOUT drugs or alcohol. Really! 

Are you waking up happy or something less than happy? Do you feel like it's your job's fault? Feel like it's your spouse's fault? Is it your financial situation's fault? Or just something that's going on in your life is the reason? 

What if those things are just your mind's excuse for sticking to the HABIT we've developed, of feeling less than...less than whatever...less than worthy. Less than happy. Less than successful...there's a lot of less thans that we can feel whenever we CHOOSE. And We Can Choose! Choose again if it's not a happy or positive or uplifting or encouraging thought...if it's a thought that has you thinking you are less than worthy, it's your choice of thoughts...so you can think AGAIN. Yes!

First of all, what I learned a few years ago, is that when I really got it that my thoughts were not controlling me...but I was the controller of my thoughts, (so are you. You may not believe it, but it's true) that I began to see who was responsible for my bouts of anger and flashes of joyfulness....it was all ME! 

If I wanted to feel happier, I began to see that this choice was mine...that I could rope control over my thoughts and begin to chuck out the thoughts that didn't feel good. I'm still doing it. I am certainly no guru. I confess, I still have bouts of anger and all the icky stuff that only makes me feel worse...but every day, I'm getting better. Every day, I'm learning to change the icky thoughts...as soon as I recognize that my thoughts have gone where I don't want to be any longer...you know...in Anger, in frustration, in resentfulness, in envy...all the thoughts that just Don't Feel Good. 

That's all that it takes...self-awareness...start to pay attention to where your thoughts are going. However long it takes you to recognize, in the moment, real time, that your thoughts are YOURS and they are NOT feeling good. And you WANT to feel good. So....guess what...it begins to happen sooner....so start now. Start recognizing that your thoughts are under your control. 

No one can make you think anything. Circumstances do not make you think a certain way. We are always the ones choosing what we're thinking. 

You know? yes! I know you know...or at least you're beginning to think about it.Begin to notice your thoughts. Begin to practice choosing your thoughts...and as less than positive thoughts form, notice how they make you feel and change the thoughts. Choose again. If it's your desire to feel good in your life, this is certainly a path which can begin to have you feeling happier. You CAN feel good again! You CAN feel GOOD every day. As Dr. Wayne Dyer says right in the title of his great book, "Change your Thoughts, Change Your Life", which I highly recommend if you'd really like to commit to having the Life you want.

And now...I could begin thinking about how to better organize my writing. 

Right? hehehe

Love and Laughter,

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