Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Feeling Good! Learning to Laugh it off...and how amazing that can be for your mental and emotional health.

Good Times! ....and
the not-so-good times...

Learning to Laugh through the rougher times will save your life and your level of Joy!
Hold off depression, how?

Get involved in Learning to Laugh For No Reason.

Now, I know...Sometimes it's not easy to let go of feeling bad..sometimes we feel it's our "right" so we're just going to feel it, DEEPLY and wallow in it...but, you know what? Your body really suffers when you put it through that. Your blood pressure goes up, your physical health goes down, including your ability to fight off colds and flus. You can get really sick in that state...and your children can be deeply affected...

I sounds so silly....but, what's it cost to try it? Make a call, one a Laughter on The Phone call....Try it. Listen. Laugh.

EVEN If your laugh is fake, you will still be helping yourself to feel better. Even one step up from how you may be feeling will mean a big difference in your physical state.

Maybe it's a little by little thing for you....Maybe the first time you do the laughter call and you engage in Fake laughter...Maybe the next time you try it, the fake laughter turns into real laughter...Maybe you can't help it, it just does and you suddenly find yourself laughing hysterically...Laughter is contagious, you know!

You may, you know! In fact, it's very possible that you will actually enjoy it!
And your family may benefit from may see them feeling better right away too!

Laughter for twenty minutes a day can make all the difference. You can begin to lift yourself to a different level..begin to actually get closer to ENJOYING Life a bit, again! AND It can definitely help to prevent colds and flu! SERIOUSLY! You might still get a cold, but you'll hang onto it for a MUCH shorter period of time! It's TRUE! How would that be for you? And for free?

It's a proven medical fact that Vigorous sustained laughter boosts your immune system almost as well as a shot that would do the same thing if you were in the hospital. And if you do it on a regular basis, it will indeed help to keep you healthy!

Why? Because your lymph, the system in your body that cleans your cells and detoxifies your systems and cells has no pump. It's not got a pump like your blood has a heart to help it get circulated around your body and deposit oxygen...No, your lymph has only one way of circulating throughout your body and that is by your BREATH!...THIS is why cardiovascular exercise is SO important! But, if you're not up to cardiovascular workout, laughter is a GREAT FANTASTIC AMAZING substitute! LAUGHING VIGOROUSLY for twenty minutes pumps your naturally detoxifying system to circulate and build up your ability to resist disease.

AND not only that, but vigorous laughter improves your blood pressure, strengthens your arteries AND
produces High
levels in the
Brain which
Puts You in a
Great Mood! so

Now, get LAUGHING!

Here is the number for
Laughter on The Phone in the US:
712-432-3900 Pin#:607192
Call Times:(Pacific Time) 3am, 4am, 5am, 6am, 7am, 8am, 9am, 12noon, 5pm, 6pm, 9pm, 10pm.
the Calls last for Twenty Minutes...and each has a different moderator or pair of moderators. Each call is different so if you don't feel a match with the first one you try, try some of the others.

Some are more moderated than others. Some are simply twenty minutes of Laughter and others use some exercises to get you inspired to laugh.

Can't hurt, right? I've put my call into My Circle so it doesn't cost me any minutes!

I hope you'll give it a try. It's an amazing thing to have free access to!

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