Monday, June 14, 2010

"What A Difference Tapping My Nose and Chuckling Has Made!"


Are you Filled With Dread? 
Are you Filled with Hope? 
or is it 
Any or ALL of the above? 

Well, if you answered "Yes" to any 
or ALL, 
Keep reading...if having some peace of Mind...
(despite circumstances)
matters to you. 

Reading on. 

Self-Awareness and Learning to Laugh at Ourselves
affords us FREEDOM. 

Learning to Laugh at our Choices: 
Our Choices, such as Anger.
(Oh Sure...for a little while, anger CAN be very productive)
but, more often than not...
it's not. very. 

Anger, instead, eats inward. It devours our Peace. It can devour our Health. 
It can devour our Joy and our Sense of Wonder. 

Where, after all, can any of that run to when we spend hour after hour
in Anger? 

Where? Indeed! 


If you said, "Turmoils in my Tummy?" the answer is Yes. 

If you said, "Screaming matches with people I love for no apparent reason", 
You'd probably be right again. Right?, where does Tapping the Old Proboscis come in to Healthy Play? 

Right here. 
First things First. 
Try it. 
Right now. 

Tap your nose. 

What does this first thing make you think? 
You know the expression..."You got it, right on the nose!" right? 

Well, that's the internal phrase here...
and if you are doing it and you happen to think about the choices YOU are making...
not the ones anyone is MAKING you choose...cuz nobody can MAKE you choose anything. 

You choose. 
Every time. Yup. It's you choosing. 

So, maybe if THAT is a wakeup call to you cuz you've never thought about it that way...
Maybe Tapping Your Nose brings it into focus. 

If you are angry, make an angry face....and think some angry thoughts....
and now...
tap your nose. 

Now...Tap Your Nose...AND...ADD A CHUCKLE! 


Do you See? Or Feel rather...

What you have the option of FEELING a visceral confirmation...

That confirmation goes like this: "It's Me Choosing this Icky Feeling! Me!" 

and it's me who can UNCHOOSE it too....

and the FEELING can continue to something like this: 

"Um...What a silly head I am for choosing this...Maybe it served me at first to be Angry...
and maybe not. 
But now, now that I've been feeling it a little extra long or a little extra strong, maybe I want to laugh...

shake it off....

and choose something that feels even a LITTLE bit Better. 

Feeling Better? 

I sure hope so! 

Try it ANYTIME you catch your reflection and you're looking Angry, Frustrated, Anxious, Aggravated, etc...
You get the idea. 

it REALLY works during Customer Service deflates your anger at the poor Customer Service worker you might be yelling at...and it turns it into a mirror...on you...
and can shift the energy of the ENTIRE CALL...

You COULD even end up making that poor Service Worker's WHOLE DAY! 

Try it. You'll see what I mean. 

Tap your Nose, or your Chest...and Chuckle. 
(and the chuckle can be under your breath. It still works very well!)

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