Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Vortex of Feeling Good!

"Feeling Good....

How to just do it and why just doing it is so important" 

We're complex organisms...that's a given, right? So, why must we insist on making everything in our lives complicated also! Feeling good is a right! It's a freedom. And forcing it within some parameters, such as when it naturally happens or when it doesn't....why should we only get to ACCIDENTALLY feel good? 

and why on EARTH would we accept someone telling us that THAT is just the way it gets to be, folks? Why? Welll, we don't. We can be happy whenever it occurs to us that we aren't. And, this might not make me popular among those who'd rather 'think realistically' or be practical, but anytime is a good time to get yourself into the Vortex of Feeling Good. 

Why? Well, for one, don't you enjoy your life a WHOLE lot better when you're feeling good? Okay...let me break it down this way...when YOU feel good...everyone around you starts feeling better. It just works that way. Even if it's only slightly better...that is still good. 

And if there is a possibility that you can help others feel better, why not go for it and figure out how, right? 

WEll, before I go further and blow your mind, I want to hear some feedback about this so I know what direction to go with this blog entry. Okay? 

so, if you aren't following yet or you aren't connected to me on Facebook, friend me and send me a note when you do, saying that you want to discuss my blog article...

and for now, I am complete. Excited about the discussion too! 

Love and laughter,

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