Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Transfer Post from my "Powerful Prevailing Intentions" Blog

Happy 2010!
and good-bye to everything that didn't work last year....

So...what didn't work...that's the first thing we'll look at, in order to get clear on what we need to do differently this year. Need some help?...You wonder what didn't work for you? How about lack of clarity? Or did you see clearly everything that was coming and pre-plan and stay focused and grounded? Did you achieve everything you hoped to when the year began? How often did you check in with your goals? Or your vision?

If it worked out well and your ideas, vision and goals were in concert, then you have reason to celebrate and I commend you! You made your mark!

Now, if you felt like you were missing clarity, focus, and that feeling of groundedness evaded you...if you didn't accomplish all or most of what you had hoped to...if you would like to round up your cares and your woes and rinse them out, stand up, dust yourself off, take a good long look in the mirror and move forward for a year full of JOYFUL transformation, GLOWING growth, TREMENDOUS learning...upbeat, laughing...and most of all reserving strength, belief and clarity on exactly EXACTLY what your intentions are for this new Year!

2010 is a new opportunity to DECIDE your Powerful Prevailing Intentions for the year! SEE the Outcome! Live as though the outcome IS ALREADY with you.

Powerful Prevailing Intentions...if we all advance our Intentions for this year to be our MOST successful year yet! Advance the Powerful Intention that THIS is the Year we are going to move forward in ways we've only imagined! THIS YEAR...

Imagine when we ALL advance our Intentions that THIS is the YEAR...not wish...not airy-fairy dreaming...but BELIEF in our INTENTIONS. POWERFUL PREVAILING INTENTIONS...

This means working every day with that Intention underlying every moment...balance every choice...every redirect...balance every decision.....every conversation...every deliberate movement....your Powerful Prevailing Intentions, kept up front in your mind, balancing your actions, it IS ALREADY leading you as you read this...

Those tingling feelings of POSSIBILITY that you are feeling....THAT is the beginning!

Water those feelings. Nurture those feelings...and FEEL them GROWING within you.

Meditate on your Powerful Prevailing Intentions...get very clear THIS WEEK! These Prevailing Intentions are going to provide the Foundation for every choice you make this year...for every decision you face...for every direction you choose ....every project you undertake....

and when you pass this along to the next person, it's your enthusiasm that will have them understand and adopt the powerful belief that goes along with it.

Intentions...Powerful Prevailing Intentions....are not wishes...not hopes...not "thinking we can do it"...Powerful Prevailing intentions underly everything we do, everything we see, every choice we make...Powerful Prevailing Intentions work like a map for our daily us a goal...but not only a goal, a path to that goal...with the speeds listed, with the estimated time and method of arrival at our destination outlined for us as well. (by us!)

When we have registered our Powerful Prevailing Intentions, we have, you might say, laid out our mechanical plans for the year...we cannot necessarily see the decisions and the choices to be made but we CAN see what we will base the making of those decisions. We CAN see the foundation, we can see and map out our days and weeks according to our Powerful Prevailing Intentions.

Our intentions will help us to take better control of our daily lives...of everything we do. I will share with you this great post from ,. as she outlines impressive steps towards building a life based on Intention. The Power of Intention

And look for more Laughter, Light and Joy being a part of this blog, since intention without joyfulness, light and laughter is, perhaps, a more difficult path, for sure!

A TOAST.... TO THIS NEW YEAR...and our INTENTIONS for it! May they be Powerful and Prevailing!

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