Thursday, February 11, 2010

Start off your days in Joy! Why not! ; - )

Love, Joy & Gratitude...Love Your Life!

I offer this peaceful YouTube link to listen to a lovely Reikki Meditation Piece as you read:

Can it be so simple that asking to experience it brings it to us? 
Asking God...or Source Energy....or the Universe, whatever your higher power may be....
Ask and it is Given. 

A little help on our end wouldn't hurt though, ya think? 

You might go to sleep thinking: "I want to wake up feeling joyful, relaxed and happy" And put a smile on your face as you fall off to sleep, whether or not your 'really' feeling it. I think it helps our sleep and it certainly can't hurt, right? 

So, then you wake up. You look for a rush of feeling. Sit upright! Reach up for the sky! Even before the rush of joyful feeling comes, BE GRATEFUL for it! Thank your Source Energy! 

BEING Grateful is your Blast-off Button!!! Always! 

You know? You DO know, you know! It's where you start feeling Joy! grateful for the guy who parks your car...or takes your money where you park your car. How about a bit of Gratitude for the lady who walks your dogs, and I mean other than what you pay her OR tip her. I mean personal gratefulness. She did, after all, find a calling in taking care of other people's animals. It's not the highest paying profession and lots of people don't want to do it. The Universe blessed you with someone who takes good care of your dogs. Spend a moment being Grateful for them every now and then. You know? 

Are you feeling this yet? 

Gratitude for the things we always tend to take for granted. Our Feet! Our Cars! The roads we drive on. The people who cook our lunch. The people who give our car its tune-up. The man who tunes our piano. The musician who plays gently while we enjoy our dinner. The Chef who lovingly devised the dish we are enjoying. The busboy who clears up after us. The men and women who collect our refuse. When is the last time you gave one of them a nod of thanks and a wave? A smile? 

If you had lived in New Orleans after Katrina or anywhere there's been a garbage strike, YOU are grateful for your Garbage Collectors! Lordy! Are you ever! Ya hear me! I was saying...wake up smiling and being GRATEFUL and YOU are halfway to, if not already feeling some JOY! 

Gratitude is your Blast-off Button! Press it often and JOY is Your Reward. I promise! 

Love and laughter,

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