Friday, January 15, 2010

Can we possibly be joyful in the face of the horror and pain in Haiti?

Haiti...and Can we decide to live joyously, even in the face of such horrors and pain and loss...

or does it make us terrible people?

I'll just give you my take on this thought, based only on my years on this planet and in this hectic, crazy life thing of mine. I say Joy is always a must! An absolute must. We MUST find a way to experience Joy in our matter how difficult and how trying they may be, for us and for others.

Now, let me explain what I mean before you go into any tirades about selfishness and narcissism, etc. I don't mean that we should shirk off the difficult times for ourselves or shut down to the difficulties of others, not at all, in fact. What I'm suggesting, in fact, is that we do just the opposite. Rather than shutting down, we open up and let the experience permeate us. Let in the pain and the hurt and the sorrow...and allow it to blend with everything we are feeling for them, for us, for the World around us. Living a Rich Life does not mean a happy life that ignores the bad bits! Living a Rich Life means LIVING open to the good times and the bad times, or so-called bad times.

Allow me to quote the Good Reverend Bruce Goettsche here:  "As you probably know, an oxymoron is the joining of two words that don't seem to go together. For example: light darkness, a deafening silence, a bold retreat, a powerful servant, a short sermon . . . . you get the idea. And when you put the ideas of joy and trial together it sounds like an oxymoron. We think of joy as being something that takes place in pleasant times. Joy accompanies good times, not difficult times. " The Reverend goes on to tell us of Paul's experience in the Bible's Philippians 1:12-18 to illustrate what he means. You can read his text here in "The Blueprint for Joyful Living", if you like.( )

All the times of our lives contribute to our own aliveness, our depth and our humanity. We are nothing if we are not humane. We are nothing if we do not allow the pain of others to be a part of our experience, at least to some degree.

I'm certainly not saying to glue yourself in front of a TV and watch every endless hour of the misery that the media wishes to paste up there hour after hour. But, I'm also not saying to shut down and pretend it hasn't happened. That would be shutting down your humanity and blanking out on your life and that is always a waste. What I am saying is to let it in and let God... as they say...or whatever your religious beliefs or spiritual values tell you...let the Universe work its magic or its trials or whatever it is...but as so many of us are quick to say, There are No Accidents. 

There are no Accidents...and what do I mean by that?

We all know that in times of crisis we work together like miracle workers. We make things happen that might never be possible otherwise. We gather together regardless of color or nationality or despite whatever our other differences may be. We spend money that we might have held tightly to at any other time. We FEEL the pain of our brothers and sisters on the Planet who are suffering and dying and we join in the endless and powerful web of humans that we are and we catch them up in it and pull them to us.

Look at Twitter...Look at Facebook....and other internet platforms...there are groups forming all over the World to do what? To reach out and offer Love. That's what it is. It might look like blankets and canned goods, medicine and water..but don't for a minute, let yourself be fooled. It's love. Plain and simple. Resist it all you like, call it whatever you will, but deep down you know it's true. It's Love.

There is suffering and loss of life and limb. There is disease and fear and hopelessness and when we feel that, our character rises up, our humanity slips into place and we DO something...even if it's simply and quietly saying prayers...sending thoughts of love and Hope....we DO something. Even if it's gathering with friends and cooking a meal and talking about our hope for the people who are in the midst of one of the most difficult times of their lives...we are opening our hearts to sharing love and you know that we are all energy. WE are ALL connected on this planet...we are one being. WE feel the pain and the loss. They feel the love coming to them from all over the World.

Just as when I or you were part of a different tragedy or maelstrom like this, you felt the love that came shining down on you from all corners of your World. Opening your heart and giving whatever you can, be it thoughts, caring words, canned goods, money...whatever comes out when you open your heart is TREMENDOUSLY important in the healing process that they and we undergo.

Believe in the magic of our connectedness. Believe in the power of love AND of Laughter. Don't stop laughing just because there is pain anywhere. If you open your heart and laughter and joy come out, don't be ashamed...the joy flies to them just like the money. The laughter will warm them when it arrives in their heart. It may not find it's way in the midst of any chaos, but love and laughter go hand in hand and will find their way there. Believe it and do not shy away from laughing now.

Laughter in the World is a shining hope for our future...the joy of our tomorrows and the Love of our Today..this moment now. This moment, here. Love and Laughter are umbrellas we can hold up to keep the weather and the worry off of their shoulders.

I guess that's what I had to say, as I sat here with tears running down my face as I began to type and wondered what on Earth I could do for the people of Haiti when I have no money to give. I am sure I can find some canned goods that I was saving for a disaster. Well, this is a disaster and it's got my sisters and my brothers tight in the midst of it. Precisely what I've saved them for, wouldn't you agree?!

Love and Laughter and Joy, 

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Karen said...

Truly Inspiring Heidi
"Love and Laughter are umbrellas we can hold up to keep the weather and the worry off of their shoulders"

Thankyou for such a lovely first post on your blog.
Sending my Love Laughter and Joy your way and all around the world!